London’s Best Treasure Hunts

London’s Best Treasure Hunts

Exploring London doesn’t need to be by the book—literally. Sure, you can stick to the trusty and old guidebook (no offence, Lonely Planet’s Pocket London), but why not spice things up with a bit of adventure? Treasure Trails, one of London’s best Treasure Hunts, are perfect for those with curious minds who want to explore the city in a whole new light.

These trails are creatively designed, blending sightseeing with adventure.

Ready to solve a market mystery in Notting Hill or embark on an Operation London Eye? Keep reading to find out more…

The joy of treasure hunts

My adventure-loving parents are huge fans of treasure hunts, a passion they have instilled in me. They frequently go on treasure hunts with their friends, which typically end with a picnic or a nice dinner.

Their stories and laughter-filled escapades have taught me that treasure hunting is not just about what you are hunting for; it is about the thrill of the hunt and the joy of sharing these adventures with others.

When I moved to London, I wanted to try something similar, and my quest for the city’s best treasure hunts led me to Treasure Trails.

What exactly is a Treasure Trail?

A Treasure Trail is a unique and creative way to explore London (as well as other cities, towns, and villages across the UK) on a self-guided themed walk.

The route is easy to follow, and you solve clues as you go, uncovering many intriguing spots throughout the city.

Circular vs. Linear Trails

Most trails are circular, starting and finishing at the same location, which is quite convenient. But there are also some linear trails; just be sure to check the trail description before purchasing.

Why go on a Treasure Trail in London?

I have done several Treasure Trails around London with my friends, and we were hooked right from the start. Going on a Treasure Trail is a fantastic way to uncover London’s secret nooks and crannies, and create memories together.

It’s also a great investment in your mental and physical fitness, something your future self will thank you for. Along the way, you’ll solve numerous puzzles and cover many miles, whether you choose to explore on foot or by bike.

London’s Best Treasure Hunts

One of the best parts of going on a Trail is the unexpected interactions with locals. Some local business owners, who often spot Treasure Trailers, might throw you a smile or exchange a knowing look.

London’s Best Treasure Hunts

Then there are the everyday Londoners who might notice you are a bit stumped by a clue. More often than not, they offer their help, showing that the city’s reputation for being standoffish is far from accurate.

It is these simple yet meaningful connections that enrich your experience and leave you with stories that are just as memorable as the secret London spots you discover along the way.

Your Treasure Trail challenge

London’s Best Treasure Hunts

Your mission on a Treasure Trail is to uncover a “whodunit,” locate the buried treasure, or unravel a detective mystery. You can tailor your experience by selecting a trail that piques your interest and fits your schedule.

How hard are Treasure Trails?

Treasure Trails hit the sweet spot: they are challenging enough to keep you engaged but not too difficult to make you feel completely lost.

If you’re really stuck on a clue, you can ask for help up to three times using the Treasure Trail app or a QR code in your Treasure Trail booklet.

Still, there is something truly satisfying about solving clues using your own brainpower and figuring it out yourself.

How long will your London Treasure Trail take?

Treasure Trails typically take 1-3 hours to complete, with some extending a bit longer. But you can set up your own pace and even turn your trail into a full-day adventure if you wish. Take a leisurely stroll, explore interesting locations, or take a relaxing lunch break—it’s entirely up to you.

How many Treasure Trails can you choose from?

There’s a whopping total of 56 Treasure Trails available across London. If you’re wondering whether there is a Treasure Trail in your neighbourhood or a favourite part of the city, you can easily check online. You might find an exciting adventure waiting just around the corner.

What will you discover along the way?

London’s Best Treasure Hunts, Muswell Hill

Even though I’m a travel blogger who has spent a lot of time exploring London, I’ve stumbled across plenty of hidden spots I never knew existed while on the Treasure Trail. It really shows that, no matter how well you think you know London, it still offers many surprises.

You might find a breathtaking new view of the London skyline, spot a quirky sculpture, or uncover some fascinating local curiosities. I won’t give too much away—half the fun is discovering these things for yourself!

How much does it cost?

Visit the Treasure Trails website to purchase your trail booklet. The digital version is priced at £9.99, while the printed version costs £11.99. You only need one booklet for a group of 4–5 people.

So instead of splurging on a fancy latte (London prices, I’m looking at you), why not try something new, fun, and adventurous and see London through a new lens?

You’ll have a blast solving the clues with your family and friends, regardless of their age, whether you’re a first-time visitor to London or a long-time Londoner.

How to get started

Once you have purchased your trail, you can either download it as a digital PDF to print at home, or, if you prefer something more tangible, have it sent to you by post.

You can also use the Treasure Trail app for easy navigation, which is handy for quick answer submission at the end of the trail.

I personally prefer the app for convenience but when I’m out with friends, I make sure to bring a few printed copies as well, so it is easy for everyone to follow along.

Rewards and recognition

If you solve your Treasure Trail, and submit the right answer, you can win £100 in a monthly prize draw.

On top of that, you can collect badges for each Treasure Trail you solve, which adds a bit of a competitive edge to the experience.

And for those who need extra motivation, reaching certain footstep milestones can earn you loyalty rewards (think discounts on more exciting trails!).

Practical tips

Here is a piece of advice from someone who has learned the hard way: don’t start your Treasure Trail too late in the day.

Once, on a Covent Garden trail with a friend, the clues became tricky to decipher as it got darker. This setback didn’t dampen our spirits, but it was certainly one to avoid next time.

To fully enjoy your Treasure Trail, start it early enough so that you are not racing against the sunset.

My friends and I usually kick things off at a cosy cafe, sharing laughs over the humorous backstories that come with each trail.

London’s Best Treasure Hunts

What to bring on your Treasure Trail

The only thing you need for the Trail is your smartphone with the Treasure Trail App or a printed version of your Trail and a pen.  

Forget the map; the trail’s directions are all you need to get from point A to B. You also don’t have to know the area beforehand.

London’s Best Treasure Hunts

Comfortable shoes are a must, and if you wish to document the adventure, bring your camera along.

Just remember, while you’re out there solving clues, the real treasure is the fun you have along the way—and maybe a pub stop or two (lol).

If you’ve ever been on a Treasure Trail, I’d love to hear your stories! Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below. Happy trailing!

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