The Ultimate Guide to Lightopia Festival in London

What makes winter in London so magical are light and lantern festivals taking place all over the city. They create a romantic and heartwarming mood that transforms the city into a fairy tale and always cheers me up in the coldest months of the year. My friend has recently talked me into visiting Lightopia – the new light trail event at Chiswick House and Gardens.

The festival promises to transport the audience into a very different world and it keeps its promise. It brought us on a one-mile-long journey through enchanting lantern art installations made of Chinese silk and featuring flowers, castles, boats, and exotic animals.

The installations bewitched us with light and rainbow colours. What a perfect moment for photography lovers to experiment a bit with some pure magic photo shots! We loved it! The festival wasn’t very crowded so we had plenty of time to photograph some magic toadstools and their reflections in a paddle from all possible angles :).

Many installation designs were interactive and the light shows were accompanied by music which made the whole experience even more powerful and pleasant to the senses. We even managed to grab some delicious mulled wine at food stalls to warm ourselves up, which was a real feast for the palate on a chilly winter night!

You can still buy the tickets to the festival here.

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